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Guest Post - Ariele Sieling and her cast of characters!

My Name Is Ariele and I Write Books: Casting Roles

Hello Sarah's fans! I am Ariele, and I am pleased to announce that I recently released my newest science fiction novel, The Wounded World. A favourite pastime of many authors is to imagine what actors they would like to cast as their characters, were they given an opportunity to turn the book into a movie. That is what I'm going to do today. Being rather behind on my pop culture, this was actually a pretty difficult task for me, but with the help of a few friends, I have compiled a list.

Let me start by giving you a little background. Quin, the main character, returns to his home city to find out that his father has disappeared, leaving a strange new iteration of an old technology behind. With the help of his nerdy, hyper, and excitable friend John, Quin sets out to find his father and correct the problems his father has caused in his quest for new technologies. This science fiction story is set in a multi-planetary universe in which wormholes (called Doors) allow characters to jump from world to world.

And now… to the actors! If you've read the book, let me know if you agree with my picks by commenting! If you haven't, grab a copy and you decide!

Quin Black is the main character. Bold, strong, and a doer, he is patient and quietly keeps his feelings to himself. He often comes across as brusque to people that don't know him. His actor is…

Roger Cross

Roger Cross.png

John is Quin's closest friend. Cheerful in nature (though also suffering from bipolar disorder), he often gets the pair into difficult situations by jumping in rashly. He is a brilliant physicist, inventor, and mathematician that gets along well with others. His actor is…

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O Dowd.jpg

Kate is someone that John and Quin meet on their journey to find Quin's father. She is ambitious and driven, somewhat snarky, and hellbent on finding her lost brother. Kate's actress is…

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings.jpg

Meriym is another character that John and Quin encounter on their journey. She runs a safehouse for those that are lost between worlds, is the adopted mother of a child that appeared on her doorstep, and is strongly protective of those in her care. Her actress is…

Melissa Fumero

Melissa Fumero.jpg

Grise Black is our antagonist and Quin's father. He has goals and ambitions that do not align precisely with the law, and has gone out of his way to achieve them. In the process he has done a few good things, but also quite a few bad things. His actor…

Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle.jpg

Rose Black, although not a character in the book, is Quin's mother, and plays a role in motivating both Quin and Grise. She was an architect before her death in a home invasion, and was sweet, compassionate, and caring. Her actress…

Viola Davis

Viola Davis.jpg

Curious to learn more about The Wounded World? You can get a copy on Amazon or on my website, or you can can read some of the past blog posts from my tour! All are about my world or scenes and characters sketches. Follow these links for more:


Ariele Sieling has been a writer for her entire life, writing her first book as an eleven-year-old, called The Mystery House. Since then, she has pursued the art of writing in a variety of forms, from short stories and essays, to newspaper articles, newsletters, classroom curriculum, and novels. Sieling writes science fiction, and works to blend the potential for human capacity and future technology with a little bit of humor. She is author of The Clock Winked, The Lonely Whelk, and The Wounded World. She lives in New Hampshire with her three cats.

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