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Inspiring Blogger Nomination - Seven Things About Me

Thank you to Anya Allyn for this nomination! Anya is the author of Dollhouse, which I have to tell you is really freaking awesome! Anya has a thing for dipping chips (french fried for all non-UK people) into ice cream, which sounds equal pats gross and delicious!


My seven interesting facts!

1. I read all different kinds of books from Gothics from the Victorian period, to teen books about first love, to fantasy books to classic literature. The last book I read was a Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, before that it was The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson, and before that it was The Woman who Rides like a Man by Tamora Pierce.

2. It's a blizzard outside my house right now!

3. While I never have a shortage of ideas for books and stories, I go through phases where writing is very difficult. I procrastinate a LOT and I sometimes have trouble concentrating. If I didn't spend so much time procrastinating, I would probably write books a lot faster!

4. I've watched every episode of Buffy and Charmed at least twice. I blame them on my love of the supernatural now. Also - TV these days just isn't as good. :)

5. I'm a writer who doesn't drink coffee. I'd rather have a very cold glass of water or a very big mug of hot chocolate.

6. I really, really hate public speaking. I'm quite shy and awkward. One of the things I love about self-publishing is that I can interact with people via the internet and not be made to go to public events by a publisher/agent. It suits me just fine! Although at some point I would like to be brave enough to try conventions and book signings. :)

7. Up until a couple of years ago I had absolutely zero confidence in my writing. I thought that because I didn't write prose as well as Nabokov, or characters as well as Salinger, or stories as well as Atwood that I didn't have anything to say. My, how I was wrong. When i finally got over it and started writing my first novel I found what was missing in my life. It's never too late to start a new hobby, career, or dream!


Seven Inspiring Bloggers:

1. Opinionated Cupcakes -

I love these gals! Rinny and Kimmy write reviews, mostly for YA books. They've been amazing at supporting my books in the past. Kimmy has read and reviewed pretty much all of them. You rock!

2. Apocalypse Reads -

Shout out to Rebecca! I think she was the first person to read The Blemished after my betas. Without people like Rebecca at Apocalypse Reads taking a chance on a new author, people like me wouldn't be able to follow their dreams. Thank you!

3. Shalini Boland Author -

YA dystopia and paranormal writer extroadinaire! Add blogging for The Guardian to that list!

4. Just One More Chapter -

Zapkode Marie and her awesome reviews!

5. Scott Cramer Author -

The Toucan Trilogy is one of those YA dystopia series you just have to check out if you love the genre.

6. Sheffield Writer -

Shout out to local writer Chris who sets up writer events in and around Sheffield.

7. Iain Broome -

Another local Sheffielder! Iain writes really interesting blog posts and regular podcasts. One of the most interestings blogs that I read (and one of the few I read quite regularly!)

So, there you go! Go check out the blogs above and show them some love! :)

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